Why Concrete cracks and how to prevent it

Concrete does 3 things.  It gets hard.  It settles.  And it cracks.   As a concrete contractor my job is to give you a product that has longevity.  That longevity comes from the quality materials we out down, the workmanship executed by only the best technicians putting the concrete down, expansion/control joint placement along with finishing techniques and curing methods in compliance with ACI industry standards.  Papaneri & Sons has honed and perfected our craft over almost 4 decades.  Due to the constant expanding and shrinking of concrete due to changes in moisture and temperature, concrete tends to crack.  Being our environment is in the Northeast where we have significant temperature and weather swings the concrete first tendency is to shrink.  This shrinking and expanding can cause early cracking.  While cracks are never welcomed by homeowner or contractor, they generally do not affect the actual structural integrity of the concrete. 

Well, educated concrete contractors and experienced finishers are well versed in the industry standards set forth from The American Concrete Institute and can apply them to their work and give their customers the quality product they paid for and deserve.  Mario Papaneri the owner and founder of Papaneri & Sons Concrete is a member of the ACI (American Concrete Institute) and continues to expand his education in his field.  Along with being a member of the ACI, he visits the world’s biggest trade show for Concrete, called the world of concrete where he explores the newest in technology and techniques in our field.  The ACI addresses the issue of concrete cracking by stating “Even the best floor designs and proper construction, it is unrealistic to expect a crack free and curl free concrete.  Every owner should be advised by both the designer and contractor that it is normal to expect some amount of cracking and curling on every project, and that such an occurrence does not necessarily reflect adversely on either the adequacy of the floors design or quality of its construction”.

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