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Kristen M. 

We just had our driveway done by Papaneri & Sons.  Mario, Denise and everyone else we dealt with were wonderful.  The job was done so quickly and it looks amazing!  They even came back a few days later to put down grass seed and soil.  I would definitely recommend them!

Joanie K. 

Highly recommend!  Great prices and quick efficient work.  Recently had out driveway and walkway done and are very happy with the results.  Can’t wait to use them again for our concrete patio out back.

Tim D. 

Papaneri and Sons did an awesome job on my driveway and sidewalk.  Denise in the office has been great helping me deal with the township.  They have an excellent turn around time to start the project.  Within 2 days it was complete.  They have a hard working crew. 

Jeff H. 

My wife and I had a very good experience with Papaneri & Sons Concrete.  Work was done quickly and professionally and the results look great.  Highly recommend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I walk on concrete? 

You can walk on the concrete the next day.

2. When can I park/drive on concrete?

We recommend a full 30 days.  The concrete may look dry on the outside and it is but, on the inside, there is a chemical reaction happening that you can’t see.  The full curing process takes 28-30 days.

3. What kind of concrete do you use? 

We use a 4500 PSI mix design.  Most contractors offer 3500-4000 but we will only pour 4500 PSI concrete.  It’s 500 pounds per square inch stronger, which is what you want.  We pay a premium for the 4500 PSI mix but after all these years we believe in investing in our customers.  The cost is higher, but that extra compressive strength is needed to withstand the freeze and thaw cycles we have here in the Northeast.  The benefit far outweighs the cost.

4. How thick is my concrete going to be? 

Driveways, sidewalks, service walks and patios are poured at 4 inches thick.  Right of way sidewalk and aprons are poured at 6 inches and curbs are poured at 18 inches.  The concrete is then finished with a light broom finish.

5. Do I need a permit? 

While every township differs, Papaneri & Sons works closely with all surrounding townships to ensure we stay in compliance with your township ordinance.  If permits are required, we will handle all the permitting on your behalf.

6. Can I use salt on my new concrete during the winter? 

NO, NO, NO.  No salt or ice melt should be used on concrete ever or for the bare minimum for the first 5 years.  Anything that melts ice or snow does so during a heated chemical reaction and that chemical reaction will destroy the top layer of your concrete to lead to premature aging.  The only safe application for ice and snow is either sand or kitty litter.  While they won’t melt ice/snow they will add much needed traction that’s needed, and they are the ONLY safe option. 

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